Northwest NEWS

April 5, 1999

Front Page

Snoqualmie Tribe finds new home in Fall City

by Lisa Allen, Valley View editor

   FALL CITY--For the past several years, Snoqualmie tribal members have operated their offices in increasingly cramped quarters on the lower floor of the historic Odd Fellows Hall in Carnation.

   Finally, they decided they just had to have more room, but quickly discovered that finding a new place close by that could serve all the members wasn't easy.

   "For two months, I searched in Duvall, Carnation, North Bend, and Snoqualmie, with no luck," said Tribal Council co-chairwoman Mary Anne Hinzman.

   Then one day, Hinzman was driving on the Preston-Fall City Road and went past a vacant house owned by the George Moses family, who are members of the tribe. "I asked David Moses if we could rent the house, and he said he would enjoy having the house in our care," she said.

   The tribe finished moving last week to the three-bedroom rambler located at 4609 Preston-Fall City Road. "We're just trying to get organized now," said Hinzman. "The only thing left is the Snoqualmie Tribe sign that my husband is going to bring."

   With the house comes an acre of land, a garage, and storage buildings. "We can hold gatherings, salmon bakes, and practice drumming and dancing here," she said. "It was like this was meant to be."