Northwest NEWS

April 12, 1999


Good government requires participation

   In last week's Letters to the Editor, there were two letters critical of the City of Woodinville. I won't respond to the issues, because they can't adequately be discussed in a Letter to the Editor. I do want to make a few points, though, to let everyone know how things like this should be discussed and how they can be be resolved.

   Point 1: Letters to the Editor will never get anything resolved. If you have an issue, talk directly to city staff and the city council. Part of the job of being a councilmember is to become aware of issues that our citizens have. A Letter to the Editor may alert us, but we need to talk to you to fully understand and resolve the issue.

   Point 2: If you do come to city hall, we will do the best we can to help you. We may come up with a solution, but will be unable to implement it immediately. We may come up with a solution, but not one that will please you. We may not be able to come up with any acceptable solution at all, but we certainly will try.

   Point 3: Make sure the issue really still is an issue. The author of the letter about cell towers had talked to me about them and I informed him we were working on an ordinance for more regulation. The city recently passed an ordinance. It restricts cell towers as much as federal law allows us to and should help stop the proliferation of cell towers.

   Point 4: If you feel that the city and the city council are not doing our jobs correctly, run for council! Three city council positions will be up for election this year. I invite anyone who feels they can do a good job of running the city to run for election.

   Finally, if you have an issue, call me or my fellow councilmembers; city hall has our numbers. Drop by city hall Thursdays at noon if you can. I am there to meet with you. Being a citizen is a two-way street: to get the best out your government, you need to be an active participant.

Don Brocha, Woodinville mayor