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April 12, 1999


Guest Editorial

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month

Child Abuse Prevention MonthWhat happens to you when you hear a story like the one reported in our local newspaper recently about a 21-year old who reportedly shook his two-month-old daughter so hard it broke her ribs and may leave her blind?

Letters to the Editor

Thankful for gift of life

organ donorsI am a sixteen-year-old resident of Woodinville. Last year, I needed a liver transplant when I was diagnosed with a rare form of liver cancer. After being put on the transplant list, I discovered the awesome demand for organs.

Let's find solutions

Riverview School DistrictIn response to last week's letter about athletic fields at Cedarcrest High School, I would like to clarify some points.

Tribute to Oscar Roloff

Oscar RoloffI stood and saw the trees, and knew your face was in the breeze...

Good government requires participation

city governmentIn last week's Letters to the Editor, there were two letters critical of the City of Woodinville. I do want to make a few points, though, to let everyone know how things like this should be discussed.

A quarry does not belong here

quarry/gravel pitHayes Mine/Duvall Rock Company has applied for a permit to create a quarry/gravel pit about a mile north of Duvall. It is appalling and unthinkable that planned environmental devastation such as this could be allowed.

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