Northwest NEWS

April 12, 1999

Local News

Kenmore receives road grant

by John Phelps, Kenmore reporter

   At the Kenmore City Council session on Monday, April 5, Steve Lewis of Bucher, Willis & Ratliff, traffic consultants, announced that Kenmore has received a grant of $4,890,000 from the State Transportation Improvement Board for improvements along Bothell Way.

   The money is to be spent on the 68th and 73rd and 80th intersections and to widen 68th from 181st to 185th. The design stages will begin in 1999 and continue into 2000. Construction is set to begin in 2001.

   Lewis prepared the grant request. "When I suggested this to the Council, I pointed out that the chances of receiving a grant as a new city on the first try were very small, but Kenmore had to start somewhere."

   After the Board has had a chance to study the project, Kenmore could receive funds in the future. Also, there was very little time to prepare a grant application before the 1999 deadline for submittals.

   "I was very surprised and pleased when the project was selected," Lewis said.

   Kenmore City Manager Steve Anderson was also amazed, not only that Kenmore received a grant on the first try, but that it was for the entire requested amount.

   "This just never happens," Anderson said. "Steve Lewis prepared a great proposal and councilmembers Dick Taylor and Jack Crawford helped city staff convince the Board that Kenmore is serious about solving traffic problems on Highway 522."

   Washington State Department of Transportation is providing an additional $1,685,000; King County, $1,313,700; Lakepointe, $1,647,200; Northshore Utility District, $110,000. Kenmore will provide $14,575,000, including $13,000,000 from Lakepointe improvement bonds. The project totals $24,221,300.