Northwest NEWS

April 12, 1999

Local News

King County to close Carnation Farm Road for repairs

   The King County Road Services Division will close a two-mile stretch of Carnation Farm Road to through traffic between 184th Avenue NE and the Carnation Farm from 6 a.m., Monday, April 12th, through approximately 7 p.m., Friday, April 16.

   During the closure, crews will work to repair a 350-foot section of road shoulder near 284th Avenue Northeast that's been sinking and cracking due to ground movement. The section of road, located in a chronic slide area, has been showing signs of pavement damage in recent months due to heavy fall and winter rains.

   During the closure, crews will remove unstable soil beneath the road and add material designed to strengthen the roadbed, which should help prevent future damage from occurring. The repairs are being done now in preparation for resurfacing this summer. The work is being scheduled for next week to coincide with Riverview School District's spring break.

   During the closure, motorists should use alternate routes. Crews will work as quickly as possible in an effort to minimize traffic disruptions.