Northwest NEWS

April 19, 1999


Sports and academics are interrelated; both are important

   What I think is a crying shame in the Riverview School District is the misguided attempt to pit extracurricular activities against academics, when the two are very much interrelated and interdependent. These activities--sports, music, speech, drama, debate, etc.--are where young people learn lifelong lessons as important as those taught in the classroom.

   Sports seem to be the most convenient one of the group to elicit the most vilifying opinions. National studies have shown some of the following about high school athletic participation:

   There is enough research done to go on and on, and this evidence can be applied to all extracurricular activities, not just sports.

   The reason I concentrate on the sports issues is that at Cedarcrest High School, it is the one activity that presents the most glaring lack of facilities. I do not think that $3.5 million dollars for a home field, and that is what I propose the district construct, can be considered "very costly sports facilities." Unfortunately, this field would not address all of the different sports that are being played now, or those there is interest in, but it represents the key piece to what eventually should be a complete facility, and it is a good place to start.

   With connections to both present and past students in the Riverview School District, I understand the need to provide better educational tools, and I will be supporting the upcoming tech bond. I also support the teachers in their efforts to get the 15% raise from the state. I feel Riverview has a very good core of teachers, and I would hope to expand upon it rather than look for replacements.

Greg Jackson, Duvall