Northwest NEWS

April 19, 1999


Athletic complex will be an asset to community

   I am writing in support of the upcoming renewal of the technology levy and the Athletic Complex Bond for the Monroe School District. It is important to identify that the levy is a renewal of tax dollars to be spent on the technology in our school district.

   There are those who would argue that a majority of the households in our area have personal computers. I would submit that we need to consider those students whose only access to a computer is through the school or public library, and that the training and knowledge that our students receive is something that most adults in the business world do not possess.

   At this time, the supply of computers and the associated cost of operating them are at a deficit in the Monroe School District. We as citizens need to work to ensure that our children receive the necessary skills and knowledge that will help them to succeed in the future.

   The proposed athletic complex will be an asset to our community as a whole. The existing complex does not meet the needs of our area. When Monroe last built a high school, the current athletic complex was determined to be adequate. That was over twenty years ago. This community has seen numerous changes in that time period. The fact of the matter is that we have outgrown the complex.

   The location of the existing complex, while being in somewhat close proximity to the new campus, is not easily accessible to the students and faculty. Please consider the safety of our students when you vote on this measure. A facility that is onsite is the most desirable alternative for our community and the well-being of our students.

   By voting yes on both measures, you will be taking part in a great effort to plan for the future of our community. Planning in which we will all reap the benefits. Please, vote yes in supporting our schools.

Julie Holmes, Monroe