Northwest NEWS

April 19, 1999


Letters to the Editor

For the common good, citizens must give something

cellular serviceAs a longtime ATT Wireless Services (AWS) customer and a communications engineer who designs and implements public safety radio systems, I read with interest the two letters regarding cellular service in the Cottage Lake area.

Kosovo refugees should not go to Cuba

Kosovo refugeesWhile I think we shouldn't be involved over there [Yugoslavia] at all, considering the relevant history of the Balkans, my huge concern right now is the United States' intent to send Kosovars to our Cuban military base.

Sports and academics are interrelated; both are important

sports & academicsWhat I think is a crying shame in the Riverview School District is the misguided attempt to pit extracurricular activities against academics, when the two are very much interrelated and interdependent.

Athletic complex will be an asset to community

athletic complexI am writing in support of the upcoming renewal of the technology levy and the Athletic Complex Bond for the Monroe School District.

Code violation from 1997 still has not been resolved

code violationI have had an issue with the city regarding a very clear code violation initially reported April 1997, and resolution is apparently impossible for the city to affect, as nothing has ever been done.

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