Northwest NEWS

April 19, 1999

Local News


State Y2K Preparation Workshop in Lynnwood

   The Washington State Year 2000 Office will hold two workshops April 27 for all citizens interested in updating personal and public Y2K preparation. The workshops will be held from 10 a.m. to noon and 1:30-3:30 p.m. at the Lynnwood Trinity Lutheran Church, located at 6215 196th St. SW. Pre-registration is required. For registration, information call Judy Merchant at 360-586-4267. Similar Y2K workshops will be held in Tacoma, Port Townsend, Longview, Bellingham, Moses Lake, and Spokane.

Woodinville man narrowly escapes death on Mt. Rainier

   Woodinville resident Michael Corroone was rescued by a park ranger after being wedged in an 18-inch gap, 75 feet down a crevasse. Corroone, 51, who has reached Rainier's summit 13 times, was hanging helplessly from his 60-pound pack. A sudden storm stopped the climbers' summit attempt and poor visibility caused them to stray onto the Paradise Glacier.
   Rescuers said Corroone was within minutes of freezing to death in the 25-degree temperature. They said his climbing partner, Dan Gallagher of Redmond, was lucky to get any reception on his cell phone from the northeast side of the mountain. The call led to a helicopter transport of rescuers Mike Gauthier and Tom Mallard. Gauthier, a climbing ranger, rappelled down a rope, hung upside down to cut Corroone free from his pack and secured a waist harness around him that was tied to the rope that pulled him out. Gallagher and Mallard, who was climbing with Gauthier, pulled Corroone out, and Gauthier pulled himself out, after the hour-long rescue.
   Corroone suffered two small patches of frostbite and short-term nerve damage in his hand, from the pack straps pinching his arm. Gauthier said Corroone would have died if he hadn't been rescued within a couple of hours.

Extortionist's letter threatens to kill Woodinville widow

   A 43-year-old recently-widowed Woodinville woman suffered added trauma April 8, when she received a letter demanding $10,000 be deposited in a U.S. Bank account she was told to open. The three-page letter threatened to kill "all your children and grandchildren ... everyone in your family except you," if she didn't follow the instructions to the letter. A 69-year-old Mercer Island woman, also a recent widow, received an identical letter on the same day. King County Police spokesman John Urquhart said, "We want any other women who have received letters like this to tell us about it. We want the writer of these letters to know how much suffering they are causing these victims, and that we want that to stop."

Cottage Lake Park update

   An update of the Cottage Lake Park renovation work being done by King Country Parks will be given by project manager Mike Lazano at the April 27th meeting of the Upper Bear Creek Community Council to be held at the Woodinville Water District office, 17238 Woodinville-Duvall Rd. at 7 p.m. All interested persons are invited to attend. The Upper Bear Creek Community Council meets the second Tuesday of each month at the Cottage Lake Service Center and the fourth Tuesday of each month at the Woodinville Water District offices. All interested residents of the Upper Bear Creek area are welcome. For more information, call Nancy Stafford at 425-788-5841.

New officers elected to board

   The Board of Directors at Northshore Youth and Family Services has elected the following officers for 1999: president, Pam Pruitt; vice-president, Ann Good; secretary, Susan Falley; treasurer, Jennifer Korten. Northshore Youth and Family Services is a United Way agency dedicated to providing professional, affordable, and accessible services to youth at risk and their families.