Northwest NEWS

April 19, 1999

Local News

Police Beat


   April 14: A 61-year-old Redmond woman was cited for third-degree theft at McLendon's Hardware in Woodinville. She switched tags on garden tools, which could have saved her $58. A store security officer saw her change the tags and put the original tags in her left pocket. The woman admitted the "theft by deception." Charges are pending.

   April 15: In a bad week for Woodinville larcenists, an unidentified, approximately 5'5" female in a blue jacket dropped the pullover she had stolen from Sports World. Owner Emma Missler saw the woman running out of the store with the clothing, gave chase, and recovered the pullover. The suspect drove away in a small white car.


   April 1: A business owner received an unexpected letter of resignation in the mail from his secretary/bookkeeper. A call to the bank revealed the employee had written herself a check for $13,626.27 on April 1st (no joke).

   April 16: Captain Dave Mehren of the King County Sheriff's office reports that four local residents have reported ATM card withdrawals of up to $800 from their bank accounts, but none of them had lost or lent their cards to anyone. Mehren pointed out that some credit card machines print the transaction with the account number on the receipt. Anyone at the store might be able to see the PIN number being entered for the sale. A machine to put account numbers on the magnetic stripe of another bank card costs about $150.