Northwest NEWS

April 19, 1999

Front Page

Bothell prepares for Y2K, urges residents to prepare

Y2K readinessAlthough City of Bothell officials are dedicated to "no interruption of vital public services [in year 2000]," they admit their success also depends on successful preparation by "upstream providers" such as power, water, and sewer utilities.

City of Bothell looking for board members

board membersThe City of Bothell is looking for citizens interested in volunteering to serve on the Board of Adjustment of the Landmark Preservation Board.

Volunteers needed for Horse Creek Releaf Project

Horse Creek Releaf ProjectThe Departments of Community Development and Public Works, and Parks and Recreation, are inviting businesses and volunteer organizations to join with them to restore the streambank at the mouth of Horse Creek.

Spring makes welcome appearance

spring flowersSpring made a welcome, if brief appearance, in the Northshore area last week.