Northwest NEWS

April 19, 1999

Front Page

City looking at water rate increase

by Audrey Mintz, contributing writer

   DUVALL--Water rates are expected to increase with news of the Seattle Water Department's decision not to extend their current contracts to water purveyors, which includes Duvall, Councilmember Jeane Baldwin told the City Council at the April 9 meeting.

   Although the city's current contract is good through 2012, it ensures the water service itself, not the cost, she said, adding that the city is facing up to 40 percent increase if it stays with the Seattle Water Department. The other option the city has is to join the Cascade Water Alliance, she said.

   The Cascade Water Alliance is offering Duvall a buy-in to their organization, which would provide water to the city at a cheaper cost over the long term compared to the charges by Seattle Water. A one-time buy-in cost of $1.3 million would be required by the Cascade Water Alliance in order for Duvall to join, Baldwin said. Water rates for Duvall are expected to increase to cover this buy-in cost.

   In other council business, Public Works Director Elizabeth Goode told the council that construction on a new staircase leading down to the river in Duvall at McCormick Park will be started this week in preparation for this summer's Sandblast Festival, scheduled for July 30-August 1. Councilmember Pat Fullmer announced the Duvall Arts Commission has received $5,000 for the Festival under the King County Community Arts Initiative.