Northwest NEWS

April 26, 1999


Teachers need raise, but walkout was unacceptable

   I'd like to comment on the Northshore teacher walkout that took place on April 14. While I'm a supporter of teachers, and I truly believe that they are underpaid, I most definitely do not agree with how they are protesting and trying to get the attention of the legislature.

   The closing down of the schools for a day, affecting the students and parents of the district just to get the attention of the legislature, is not acceptable and not appreciated.

   My daughters are expected, by the teachers, to be in school every day and participate. If they miss a class in physical education, they are expected to make it up even if they are injured or sick. Teachers have told them their grade will be dropped one full grade if they miss some events.

   Now, the school year is going to be extended one day because of the walkout. How do you teachers explain your actions to a student when you are expecting them to fulfill your requirements for attendance and participation?

   I personally think the students and parents of Northshore should demand that the teachers take one full drop in their performance review for an unexcused absence and make up the time missed on their own. There are other ways to deal with your issues without hurting the parents or the students.

Ron Swafford, Woodinville