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April 26, 1999


Letters to the Editor

To resolve an issue, stop by city hall

Letters to the EditorAll right, all right, you got me. Letters to the Editor can be effective when they strive to educate, as was the intention with my last letter.

It's important that people have the opportunity to support their families

family supportLinda Barber is one of thousands of Boeing workers being laid off in Washington state. She stood up on the steps of the Capitol recently, in front of TV cameras, thousands of people, and the press, and told her story.

Students are learning another lesson

privacyIs it just me or did anyone else think that the Home Energy Survey brought home by the eighth grade science students from Timbercrest Junior High crossed the line of privacy?

High wages and low taxes are unrealistic

wages & taxesHigh wages and low taxes for all is everybody's dream, but is not really a part of the real world.

Teachers need raise, but walkout was unacceptable

unacceptable walkoutWhile I'm a supporter of teachers, and I truly believe that they are underpaid, I most definitely do not agree with how they are protesting and trying to get the attention of the legislature.

Who's really behind reduction of vehicle tabs?

vehicle tabsA letter in this column suggested we vote to reduce the motor vehicle excise tax. I agree this seems attractive, but a perspective on Washington's dysfunctional tax scheme is helpful.

Volunteers make huge difference to children

volunteersAs staff of Camp Fire Boys and Girls, we feel privileged to work with large group of dedicated and skilled volunteers. These volunteers come from all walks of life and are men and women, young and old.

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