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April 26, 1999

Local News


Kent Baxter's homecoming

   Sergeant Kent Baxter has returned to the Woodinville Police Dept. as police operations sergeant, replacing recently-retired Clint Olson. Baxter served in Woodinville for two and one-half years until his promotion to sergeant took him to King County's Maple Valley precinct.

   "Working here is like a gift to me; I enjoy this community so much," said Baxter. "Woodinville is considered one of the choice assignments, one a lot of officers would like to get. When I got this chance to come back here, I jumped on it."

   Baxter's supervising duties require him to work a "flex" schedule, allowing him to rotate his supervisory duties to alternately monitor patrol officers on the various shifts.

Water District hosts Spring Garden Open House

Photo by Alice Swartz.

   Blue skies and balmy temperatures drew gardeners and non-gardeners alike to the Woodinville Water District's Spring Garden Open House last Saturday. Pictured above, Joan Helbacka (right), King County master gardener and master recycler composter, teaches a mother and daughter about bedding a worm bin. Visitors also learned about water efficiency, natural lawn care, and irrigation techniques.

School safety laws passed

   On the day of the Littleton, Colorado school tragedy, April 20, the Washington Legislature passed three bills addressing school safety and disruptive classroom behavior.

   Senate Bill 5214 requires the detention and mental evaluation of any person ages 12-21 arrested for illegal possession of a firearm on school property and requires the search of any person's possessions and locker when reasonable grounds exist to suspect a student of illegal firearm possession.

   House Bill 1153 allows police to alert school officials to out-of-school criminal involvement by a student, so those students may be more closely monitored at school.

   House Bill 2085 allows the superintendant of public instruction to arrange two-day training workshops to teach educators methods for dealing with disruptive students. All three measures have been sent to the governor for his signature.

   "Today's tragedy in Colorado shows us the importance of increasing safety in our schools," said Rep. Dave Schmidt, R-Bothell. "Whether we like it or not, schools just aren't as safe as they need to be. Our schools need to be safe, and parents need to be reassured that they can send their children to school each day without fear."

Volunteer honored

Woodinville resident Carmela Koeplin (left) received special recognition for five years of service to the Woodinville Adult Day Center. Activity director Candice Whelen made the presentation. Last week was National Volunteer Week.

Redmond's Kathy Lambert clears up name confusion

   District 45 State Rep. Kathy Lambert, R-Redmond, wants people to know she is not the same Kathy Lambert who is the principal initiative writer for the Washington Education Association (teachers' union).

   Lambert's Olympia office was receiving hundreds of calls from people wanting to know how she could have such a conflict of interest. "We have enough to handle down here now without that adding to the confusion. Not only are our names spelled the same, I am also a teacher," she said.

   "I tried to issue an official press release, saying I was too busy in Redmond and Olympia to also be writing initiatives in Yakima (where the other Kathy Lambert teaches). The legislature's Ethics Control Board chastised me when I submitted the press release for their approval. They said I used 'too much levity' in the press release, and that clearing the confusion was not part of my legislative duties. They denied me use of state facilities to send out the clarification, so I had to send it from Kinko's," Lambert added.

   Lambert said April 22 was the worst day for Republicans in her five-year tenure, after Rep. Don Carlson, R-Vancouver, announced that he was going to vote with the Democrats on every budget issue. "That really broke down the legislative process, during these last three critical days of the session. His defection gives us no negotiating power for increases we wanted for teachers and programs for the Developmentally Disabled. Before that, we had a 49-49 vote in the House. He essentially gave the Democrats the majority vote."

YMCA drive successful

   BOTHELL--The Northshore YMCA has reported pledges totaling $138,636 in the 1999 drive for their Partners With Youth campaign. This amount is 110 percent of the campaign's $126,000 goal and an increase of more than $32,000 over last year's total.