Northwest NEWS

April 26, 1999


Students attend writers' conference

by Mary Karr

   Twenty-five students in second through sixth grades from Evergreen Academy attended the Young Authors' Conference held at Skagit Valley College on March 24.

   The writers brought stories they had written, to be read in front of a group of other children their age. The illustrators were instructed on what kind of artwork to choose for their portfolio and then were shown how to assemble them.

   At the conference, students attended workshops intended for specific grade levels. Some were designed to let the students present their work to others, followed by comments and suggestions. The students also learned rules on how to gather information and how to write it up. The illustration workshops taught techniques involving different mediums to accompany stories. Each workshop involved the kids in an exercise to help them understand and try out new techniques.

   Published authors were also on hand, including Evergreen Academy third grader Chad Merkley. The authors talked to students telling them why they started to write, how they chose their subjects, what they did to research their subjects and how they published their work.

   Students chosen to attend the conference were: Jessica Karr, Jennifer Fain, Kirsten Pynsky, Robin Brown, Seth Myall, Maureen Cardwell, Samuel Swenson, Karin Oshner, Christopher Viltz, Janelle Sagawa, Izzy Nuttal, Dayton Wiseman, Kyle O'Connor, Anne Hedreen, Chad Merkley, Lindsey Doumis, Emily Stromberg, Kelsey Cardwell, Annie Dockendorf, Taryn Sumabat, Alexander Portin, Kjersti Oschner, Kelsey Martinet, Stephanie Monahan, and Meridith Swann.