Northwest NEWS

April 26, 1999


Timbercrest Regional Champs again

The Timbercrest Science Olympiad team included: (from top, left to right) David Couvrette, Mitchell Harris, Jay Strode, Brian Ritchie, Chris Woolley, Paul Ransons, Mr. Ralph Davison, Diedra Penner, Shaun Olczyk, John Hagan, Jeff Stanislawski, Jaime Howard, Katie Rivard, Suzanne Jessen, Mrs. Meg Towne, Diana Husmann.
Photo by Jim Parks.

   For the second year, Timbercrest's Science Olympiad teams outdid themselves. With their Green and Black teams placing 2nd and 4th in the South Puget Sound Regional Tournament held at Green River Community College, Timbercrest science students were assured participation in the state level competition at Eastern Washington University at Cheney.

   The Timbercrest team medaled in 21 of the 27 categories and took double medals in six categories including Battery Buggy, Nature Quest, Propeller Propulsion, Reach for the Stars, Science Crime Busters, Surfing the Net, Trajectory, Water Strider, Science of Fitness, and Roads Scholar.

   Coaches for the team were Ralph Davison, Timbercrest's science department head, along with his fellow science teachers, Jim Park, Ann Parrish, Christine Stubblefield, and Meg Towne.