Northwest NEWS

April 26, 1999


Aztecs, Incas and Mayas voyager program begins

   The Voyager program of the Riverview School District Alternative Programs Department announces plans to begin a second "voyage."

   On this adventure, voyagers will clear away centuries of undergrowth and forgotten lore to reveal cities of white limestone shimmering in a tropical sun and mountain vastness. They will explore three great cultures of Central and South America that came to life and burned brightly with advanced technology, architecture, art, and organized structure, and then disappeared in mystery.

   This adventure will begin April 26 and is open to homeschool students from kindergarten through 6th grade, who are not presently involved in any other program in the Riverview School District. The curriculum for this voyage is built around basic core subject matter and focuces on skill boosters in mathematics, reading, and writing.

   For registration, contact Cindy Sage, Program Assistant for Alternative Programs, at 788-6610, ext. 282.