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April 26, 1999

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Children's Services of Sno-Valley's Family Center dedicated

Duvall resident Alan Rumpf displayed his collection of tops at the grand opening of Children's Services of Sno-Valley's Family Center in Duvall.
Staff photo by Lisa Allen.

by Lisa Allen, Valley View editor

   DUVALL--Although the younger kids attending last week's Children's Services of Sno-Valley's Family Center grand opening may not have appreciated the significance of the event, they certainly demonstrated their appreciation of the variety of kids' stuff the Center offers.

   Dozens of youngsters made use of the play equipment and toys even while the speeches dedicating the facility were ongoing. After all, kids are what the Center is all about.

   "We are celebrating something here I have looked forward to for a long time," said Children's Services Director Joan Sharp. "Even though we have brought home-based programs here and to the schools, we have finally brought our full vision of nurturing and educating children and families to Duvall." Children's Services of Sno-Valley is based in North Bend.

   An exuberant King County Executive Ron Sims aided in the ribbon cutting for the new facility. "In my neighborhood years ago, the parents organized to develop a center for kids," Sims said. "It was incredible for the neighborhood, and it is so nice now to see wonderful things happening in the Valley. I am honored to be here."

   Center Coordinator Maria Fuller said she appreciated the work done by all the volunteers and youngsters who helped out. "I want to thank everybody," she said. "With everyone's help the things that can happen are astounding."