Northwest NEWS

April 26, 1999

Valley Special

Rash of car prowling incidents in Carnation

by Lisa Allen, Valley View editor

   CARNATION--Police here say they suspect juveniles for a recent rash of car prowls in the city.

   "Several unlocked vehicles in town have been entered and items taken from them," said Police Chief Bonnie Soule. "Our first guess is that it is juveniles who are responsible."

   The car prowls have occurred late at night or in the early morning hours, the first one being reported the morning of April 18, she said. The cars were either parked on the street or in carports. Three more occurred during the following week, but she says she thinks there may have been others that were not reported.

   Soule said residents should either lock their cars at night or make sure there is nothing in them of value. She emphasized that if residents experience a loss or discover their car has been entered, they should call 911 rather than the city police.

   "A Carnation or a County officer will be sent to take a report," she said. Soule said the city will be increasing patrols in the area.