Northwest NEWS

April 26, 1999

Valley Special

Art show opening at Gardens and SunSpaces

   Transformation, the first in Gardens and SunSpaces Gallery 1999 "Cusp of Dream and Memory" series of art shows, will open May 1 and 2, and will feature photo-based collograph prints created by Lisa Sheets and Mark C. Petri.

   The works combine Sheets' lifelong study of the female form vis-à-vis the cultural acceptance of standardization in beauty ideals, with Petri's photos of natural and historical forms and icons. The results are entrancing and multi-dimensional.

   Also on exhibit will be one-of-a-kind artist books featuring Sheets/Petri collaborative images. The show runs through June 13. Gardens and SunSpaces Gallery is located at 15611 Main St. in Duvall.