Northwest NEWS

May 3, 1999


Help your children to make some sense of the Littleton tragedy

   Hello, my name is David Boston. I am eleven years old and have a little brother who is ten. We share Nintendo 64 and Playstation game consoles. My brother and I rent video games, usually on Fridays, because that leaves the weekend to play them, and then during the week it is mostly school.

   I go downtown with my mom or dad and rent a video game, but there's a special rule that I have to follow. The rule is that it must be a sports game, or if it is a violent game, my parents must look at the game box and see if it has any inappropriate content. If it does, I will not get it.

   So I think that this may be a way that the two boys involved in the shooting in the high school got ideas--from watching video games with lots of blood and gore, with or without their parents knowing (who knows?).

   I hope that the parents of these two boys knew what was going on in their lives, because if the parents didn't, well, I don't understand how your own parents wouldn't know that you have a sawed-off shotgun in your room and you're making a pipe bomb in the garage.

   If I EVER, EVER did that (in the words of my mother), I would be in bigger than big trouble! My mom would find something like that so easily because my mom and dad are very involved in everything I do.

   So as I close this letter, I would like to wish the very best to all the students and families involved in this very tragic incident.

   Please, just stop what you're doing for a second and think and hope that nothing this terrible ever happens again and do what my own mom did: sit your kids down and tell them about what has happened so your kids can understand. And please tell them that however different a person is, they are still a person.

   After reading this, please, just take a minute to remember everyone at Columbine High School who lost their lives and the more fortunate, who did not.

David C. Boston, Woodinville