Northwest NEWS

May 3, 1999


Letters to the Editor

Help your children to make some sense of the Littleton tragedy

Littleton tragedyPlease, just stop what you're doing for a second and think and hope that nothing this terrible ever happens again and do what my own mom did: sit your kids down and tell them about what has happened so your kids can understand.

Legislators would do well to ask questions and listen

family supportWhy is it that dim-bulb elected officials can only see heavier penalities as solutions for crimes and newly-defined crimes?

Children need technology tools to make this a better world

technology levyIf you haven't already, you will soon receive a mail-in ballot for the May 18 election in the Riverview School District. On this ballot is a very important issue concerning our future leaders: a technology levy.

In the time it takes to read this letter, 25 people have died of starvation

starvationNearly every other second, somewhere in the world, a person dies of hunger, yet the tragedy of malnutrition and starvation remains an underexposed issue in our nation.

King County appears to be going ahead with cellular towers

cellular towersThe April 19th letter from a communications engineer requires a reply from a retired biologist who lives within about 500 feet of the proposed "ugly" and unknown health-problem-causing commercial tower.

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