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May 3, 1999

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National Drinking Water Week

   To promote customer awareness of drinking water issues, Woodinville Water District is providing customers with information on their drinking water quality during the month of May, as well as information on storing emergency drinking water.

   A new federally-required report detailing the quality of Woodinville's drinking water will be mailed to all Woodinville Water District customers in the month of May. This information has always been provided upon request; however, new Environmental Protection Agency rules require all water utilities to mail each customer a detailed report every year. Woodinville Water District receives its supply of drinking water from the Tolt River Reservoir through Seattle Public Utilities. This report will detail the testing that is done to ensure clean, safe drinking water for customers.

   Promoting public awareness about the importance of storing an adequate supply of properly treated drinking water in emergency kits is a goal of Woodinville Water District. During the months of May and June, they will be sending each customer a coupon with their bill that will allow them to pick up a free container of emergency storage water at the district office. Many people do not have water in their kits or have stored water inappropriately. The box will contain information on how much water to store and how to store it safely. More details will be provided in the newsletter with the next statement.