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May 3, 1999

Local News


YMCA honors volunteers

YMCA volunteers

   Northshore YMCA volunteers were honored at the 122nd annual meeting of the YMCA of Greater Seattle. Pictured above (left to right): Bob Walsh was honored as the Program Volunteer of the Year; Susan Fitzgerald was recognized as Policy Volunteer of the Year; and Allison Luhrs was named the Youth Volunteer of the Year. The late Lenn Width was honored as the Financial Development Volunteer of the Year.

Send nominees for Random Acts of Kindness Day

   BOTHELL--Random Acts of Kindness Day is celebrated in Bothell on Tuesday, May 25th, by honoring those who have bestowed kindness upon others. Do you know of someone who jumps in and lends a helping hand whenever spotting a need? The Bothell Parks & Rec. Dept. is accepting nominations for the person you think "went above and beyond" the best this past year. All nominees will be recognized, with a special award given to the most outstanding nominee. Nominations need to be received by May 10th. For more information and a nomination form, call 425-486-7430.

Woodinville's Y2K preparations

   WOODINVILLE--The city has developed a plan to assess the millennium bug's effects on municipal computer systems. "We have begun to implement our work plan which includes an inventory phase, compliancy testing, and contingency planning for those systems that may not work come 12:01 a.m. on Jan. 1, 2000," said the city's Year 2000 Coordinator Marie Stake.

   Even if the city is Y2K compliant, "upstream" vendors that provide supplies and services, including power and other utility companies, must also be compliant. "We are in regular contact with all these [vendor] agencies to exchange information on Y2K preparedness efforts," said Stake. The city has focused Y2K efforts on traffic control, communications, financial services, and emergency management services.

   For further information, contact Marie Stake at 425-489-2700, extension 245; e-mail her at; or consult the city's website at

Cottage Lake Park due to re-open

   King County has targeted the end of May for re-opening Cottage Lake Park. "We just hydro-seeded the grass last Friday and yesterday [April 23 and 26], and we want to see how that takes before we make an official announcement," said Al Dams, King County Parks public information officer.

Bothell resident prepares for legal action

   BOTHELL--Michelle Shocks, who was ejected from a Community Transit Service bus on April 2 for speaking with another passenger about religion, is preparing to bring legal action against CTS for violation of her civil and constitutional rights.

Woodinville resident receives award

   The Grumbacher Medallion Art Award for Outstanding Achievement was presented to Woodinville resident Kay Barnes for her watercolor painting entitled West Porch: Up Close.