Northwest NEWS

May 3, 1999

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City of Kenmore kicks off "Smarter Way to Mow" program

   KENMORE--The City of Kenmore is offering discounts on the purchase of zero emission mulching mowers as a way of reducing the environmental impacts of lawn care. On May 8, beginning at 9 a.m., city residents who bring their gas mowers to City Hall can pick up a discount coupon for a mulching mower.

   Zero emission mulching mowers are corded electric, battery-powered electric and push mowers. There are a number of benefits to these mowers: fewer grass clippings, no air pollution, and less noise pollution.

   Every summer, gas lawn mowers dump millions of pollutants into Northwest skies. Lawn mowing also produces millions of grass clippings that clog landfills and compost facilities.

   As a result of this year's spring, yard debris collection programs have seen higher than usual volumes of material. Similar spring weather in 1997 resulted in a large number of odor complaints at Cedar Grove Composting Facility, where Kenmore yard debris goes.