Northwest NEWS

May 3, 1999

Valley Special

Novelty Bridge project to go out for bids

   The Novelty Bridge replacement project will go out for construction bids later this year, according to the King County Road Services Division.

   Road Services also said that plans to raise the elevation of NE 124th Street to reduce seasonal flooding of that road may not occur as part of the bridge contract work.

   In February, the Road Services Division's proposal to mitigate the sensitive area impacts of raising the road elevation--by making habitat improvements on agricultural land now in King County's Farmland Preservation Program--was rejected because the proposal was found inconsistent with the county's policies designated to preserve scarce farmlands.

   The Road Services Division is now studying potential design alternatives that would raise the road elevation without affecting adjacent sensitive areas. Road Services said it will continue to work on alternative ways to raise the road, but will not delay the bridge replacement project.

   New bridge construction is scheduled for spring 2000.