Northwest NEWS

May 10, 1999


Quarry would have an adverse impact on community

   As a long-time property owner in the Duvall area I am very concerned with the proposed Hayes Mine/Duvall Rock Company quarry.

   I feel, after reading about the scope of the proposed project, that a quarry in this location can have nothing but an adverse impact on a community already suffering from floods, excess traffic, and reduced habitat for native wildlife.

   Our wetlands are sensitive, and the project in question with its outreaching effects would cause nothing but extended, if not permanent, adverse damage. Fish, animals, and need I say, people will be harmed by a quarry.

   I have lived in this area since 1976 and have seen the years take their toll on the farmlands, river, streams, and creeks. I would like to add my voice to those of my neighbors requesting the release of an environmental impact statement and serious consideration from legislators and planners before one truckload of gravel is removed from the site in question.

Melinda L. Scott, Duvall