Northwest NEWS

May 10, 1999


Letters to the Editor

Give children the power of the computer

technology levyI wasn't always such a staunch supporter of computer technology. Every few years, my husband would insist that we needed a new computer. I thought, well, that's money down the drain.

Initial cost of Technology Proposition is just the tip of the fiscal iceberg

technology levyThe Riverview School District is currently beseeching voters to adopt an enticing Trojan horse: its $3.9 million, 6-year technology levy. Like other famous Trojan horses in the past, this one comes with unseen perils.

Voters did not foresee that Evergreen would become a Taj Mahal

Evergreen HospitalHas Evergreen Hospital matured beyond its need for taxpayer support? Is there a method by which we can vote out our public taxpayer support, just as we voted it into existence in the first place?

Quarry would have an adverse impact on community

proposed quarryAs a long-time property owner in the Duvall area I am very concerned with the proposed Hayes Mine/Duvall Rock Company quarry.

Caregivers bring sense of family, love to long-term care

long-term careI am writing in response to a television news broadcast. The report concerned an abuse case in a California nursing home. I realize stories of this type are news.

An open letter to CHAP parents who are a blessing to their foster children

foster parentsYou are a blessing! Words cannot express the joy your family brings to your foster child--a bond of faith, a heartfelt pride that comes from knowing you care.

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