Northwest NEWS

May 10, 1999


1999 Duvall Days Country Living Grand Marshal

Ruth Coy Bellamy Ruth Coy Bellamy has been named Grand Marshal of the 1999 Duvall Days Country Living Parade.

   The longtime resident has been active in town beautification for decades, planting dozens of flowers annually on Main Street. She has lived in Duvall long enough to see the town grow from 250 people to over 4,000 today.

   Ruth was born to Albert and May Herman, whose historic dairy barn still stands next to the Stillwater Store. In 1929, the Hermans moved away to Redmond and then to Renton Junction (now Southcenter) and later Lake City. In 1938, Ruth, her brother Carl, and sisters Nora and Gail, moved back to Duvall with their parents. Ruth attended Cherry Valley Elementary from the 6th to the 8th grade and graduated from Monroe High School in 1945.

   "Life was centered around the Duvall Methodist Church, where I taught Sunday School and attended Youth Fellowship programs," she said. "There weren't very many of us, so we all had to take part."

   Ruth married John Coy, a Duvall dairy farmer, in 1950. "Our lives were filled with farming activities and children," she said. "They were active in sports and scholastic programs."

   Children Ruth Ann, Neal, Margie, John, and Cameron graduated from Tolt High School. All live in Duvall except Cameron, who resides in Seattle and works in the computer field.

   "I have been associated with dairy and crop farming for 48 years and the changes in regulation and markets have been very demanding," she said.

   Ruth says she also enjoys flowers and gardening. "Each year, I have a large dahlia garden and pumpkin patch that the schoolchildren come to visit," she said. "I like to share flowers with friends and help in any way I can. It is a privilege to be Duvall's representative as the Grand Marshal."