Northwest NEWS

May 10, 1999

Home & Garden

Garden club adds touch of spring


Margie Hakala was one of the Cottage Gardeners who braved the cold last week to plant the boxes in downtown Woodinville.

   Volunteers from the recently-formed Woodinville garden club, the Cottage Gardeners, planted the public planter boxes along 175th St. on May 1.

   The 22 boxes were filled with an assortment of summer annuals by the club members: Margie Hakala, Diane Bradley, Penn Bell, Linda Pyles, Gladys Hall, Georgia Cole, Lynda Tarvin, Daryl Storaasli, Cindee Juel, Kathy Fleming, Julie Walker, Margaret Cobb, Margo Stevenson, and Dane Stevenson.

   Molbak's donated most of the plants and all of the plant food used for the project. Home Depot sold the centerpiece plants to the club at a discount price. Top Food made a cash contribution.