Northwest NEWS

May 10, 1999

Local News

Police Beat


   April 30: King County officers confiscated a counterfeit $20 bill that a Woodinville man reported after receiving it as change from the Kingsgate McDonald's.

   May 4: A "scruffy" looking man in a dark jacket tried to pass a counterfeit $20 bill at the Woodinville McDonald's on 140th NE, at 7:30 p.m. The man passed it to the teller at the drive-in window. The alert teller, aware of a counterfeit warning, asked the customer to pull forward, park, and wait for his order to be brought out. The customer pulled up, but fled the scene without his change or food.


   April 18: Someone cut a hole in the roof of Ostroms' drug store and took various narcotics. The physical damage to the building alarm and phone wires was $3,300. The amount of morpine, valium, and other drugs had not been determined when the police report was filed.
   Also that day, at 5:30 p.m., a man in his twenties with brown hair, eyes, and goatee, wearing a blue jacket and a dark cap, purchased gum at Rite Aid in Kenmore. He then told the clerk "This is a hold-up. Give me all the money in the drawer." The clerk told him there was no money in the till. Suspect left stating, "I'll be back with a gun so I can shoot you."

   April 23: A 22-year-old Seattle man attempted to cash a check, made out to him for $762.35 from Fleet Delivery Service, at a US Bank. He did not have an account there, so he stamped the back of the check with his thumbprint. A phone call to the business revealed that the check was bogus. The young man admitted to police that he thought the check was a fake because a man offered him 40% of the cash if he cashed it successfully. Suspect was booked into King County Jail. US Bank has recently had several attempts to cash bogus checks from real businesses that were created and printed with make-your-own-check computer software.