Northwest NEWS

May 10, 1999

Local News

Woodinville City Council to go online

by Marshall Haley, staff reporter

   WOODINVILLE--By July 1, the public will have expanded access to city councilmembers through their individual web pages.

   The new website design will allow access to councilmembers by clicking on their pictures, bringing up a page with some biographical information. The pages will enable communication with councilmembers on a 24-hour basis.

   Currently, the City Council needs public comment on the City's 2000-2003 Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) by e-mailing them to Citizens are also encouraged to access information on Y2K preparations at the City's main website,

   "The City's website hits have doubled between September and March," said Community Services Coordinator Marie Stake. "This expansion is a natural evolution of having an informative website. The councilmembers want the City to have a better presence on the Web."

   At the May 3 City Council study session, Stake presented proposed layout criteria for the web page profiles. Those include councilmember name, a color photograph, position number, term expiration date, council committee assignments, local and regional memberships, city phone number, and e-mail address. Councilmembers will study samples of other cities' websites that Stake provided, before reaching consensus on what they would like on their pages. They will give her individual feedback before her next design proposal in June.

   The City's website was originally designed by Timbercrest Junior High students. Since then, the City has hired a website consultant to assist with basic web page editing instruction and to perform design tasks under Stake's direction.