Northwest NEWS

May 10, 1999

Valley Special

Duvall Police Log

   April 12: During a traffic stop, a passenger in a vehicle was not wearing his seatbelt. While being processed for that violation, the officer discovered he had an $1,100 warrant with Lynnwood P.D. The man was taken into custody.

   April 18: Late in the evening, officers contacted an intoxicated male in front of a business on Main St. While running a check with DOL, it was discovered the local man had an outstanding warrant for his arrest out of Issaquah.

   April 23: During a routine traffic stop, a passenger in a stopped vehicle was processed for not wearing a seatbelt (will they ever learn?). When his name was run for warrants, officers discovered that he had a $250 warrant for driving with his license suspended. The subject was placed into custody.

   April 24: An officer recognized the driver of a vehicle as being suspended. The driver was arrested and while being searched, officers found him in possession of a substance believed to contain methamphetamine.