Northwest NEWS

May 17, 1999


Could the same be done for us?

   On May 5th, I discovered through the Seattle Chapter of the American Red Cross that no organization had come forward at that time in relief efforts for the victims of the tornadoes that hit Kansas and Oklahoma.

   To date, it appears there is still no organization collecting "In Kind" goods, but one needed to be created. I decided our community could do this. It has always been a matter of "why not?" instead of "why?"

   I first approached the Woodinville Chamber of Commerce for their backing in this effort and the response was "anything we can do to help," Jeff Shaw and Virginia Becker said. I have been sitting in my home office for a week now, securing transportation, soliciting local corporate companies for donations, collection sites, and all the rest that go with organizing a full relief effort.

   I am nearly exhausted, but keep going each day as pledges of goods, donation sites, and people to volunteer time come in. I have temporarily abandoned my fledgling landscaping business to coordinate this effort and am using what little money was saved for a vacation to pay for the costs associated with keeping this going.

   But helping hands are still needed. Carol Noel and I cannot make this happen with the limited time and money we have. I won't stop, though; I would not be able to sleep at night if I abandon these folks who have lost everything.

   Just because this effort is in our area, it makes no difference to those in need; to them, we are just the next town away. I suppose the driving force is: we could potentially have a natural disaster of our own, and I would hope the same could be done for us.

   Needed are clothing, food, bedding, sundries, cleaning supplies, and pet supplies. This effort will continue for months to come until donations are no longer needed in these disaster areas. [Amy Curtis can be reached at (425) 844-9390.]

Amy Curtis, Cottage Lake