Northwest NEWS

May 17, 1999


Tower placement will damage home values in area

   Since my reply to the communication engineer's letter praising the erection of an urban commercial 300-foot shortwave tower among rural homes, I've learned from a King County source that the tower will not be erected in the center of the 76-acre Duvall landfill (formerly the garbage dump). Rather, it will be erected in the northwest corner of the property.

   The effects of the continuous shortwaves shooting from the tower have not changed, but the values of the homes in the vicinity have changed for the worse. All homes and properties in the area will now have an encumbrance of a nuisance placed on their home property. Credit for this must be given to our King County Councilmember Louise Miller.

   The surrounding areas will now be a nuisance area. No buyers will want to buy a home in a nuisance area unless the price is far below the market price. One can now call this a depressed area.

   It now remains to be seen and learned if all homes, properties, and developments will receive equal applications of the nuisance encumbrance. My property touches the opposite corner of the Duvall garbage dump, and it now has the nuisance encumbrance placed upon it. The dump could have been declared a nuisance while operating.

   With its closing, the 76 acres could have developed into a county park. As it is, it is an urban commercial area.

George F. Slusser, Woodinville