Northwest NEWS

May 17, 1999


How much do readers know about the Cross-Cascades Pipeline?

   Locally, the proposed Woodinville-to-Pasco petroleum line would run 230 miles through sole source aquifers affecting private wells and through 1,000 acres of wetlands, including the Paradise Lake wetlands east of Woodinville and the headwaters of Bear Creek.

   Further east, the proposal seeks a five-mile easement across Gingko Petrified Forest State Park, a national natural landmark on the bluffs overlooking the Columbia River.

   The Washington State Attorney General's Counsel for the Environment issued a statement that can be accessed electronically at

   On May 25, the Upper Bear Creek Community Council will hold a meeting at the Woodinville Water District offices, 17238 Woodinville-Duvall Rd., at 7 p.m. At the meeting, a representative of the Cascade Columbia Alliance will discuss what the oil companies want to build the pipeline and who opposes the project.

   The Cascade Columbia Alliance promotes creation of a regional fuel-energy policy to provide guidelines for future projects of this magnitude and type. The purpose of the Upper Bear Creek Council is to represent the residents, business owners, and property owners of the Upper Bear Creek area in their dealings with the government of King County and other entities with respect to issues affecting them and their property.

   All interested persons are welcome.

Nancy Stafford, Woodinville