Northwest NEWS

May 17, 1999


Letters from our Young Readers

This week's letters are from sixth graders at Woodmoor Elementary who want to improve their school. They are asking for assistance from the community. Please send your thoughts to Mr. Blake Puckett, Woodmoor Elementary School, 12225 NE 154th St., Bothell, WA 98011.

   Before I begin my letter, let me introduce myself to you. My name is Mitra Barahimi and I am in the sixth grade at Woodmoor Elementary. Next year, I will be attending the seventh grade at Northshore Junior High.

   At this point in time, we at Woodmoor are in the process of writing a vision for our school. Teachers, students, parents, and the community need to work together to build a school that will better prepare our students to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

   For this reason, I write you to ask for your input. The entire school would appreciate it greatly if you'd send us what, in your opinion, would a perfect school look like.

   We would greatly appreciate it if you would let us know what you think the perfect school for the new millennium should be. We value your ideas and we thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules to mail us back your response.

Mitra Barahimi

   I am a sixth grader at Woodmoor Elementary. My school would like to ask you, as the community, to give your suggestions as to what you would consider a perfect school.

   We at Woodmoor feel that children in elementary school should feel protected when they are in and on the school's property. I, for one, think that all children should feel safe no matter where they are.

   Thank you very much for your support.

Lydia E. Maltos

   My name is Samantha Garrison and I am a sixth grader at Woodmoor Elementary. I was wondering if you could write to our school and give us feedback about a perfect school. We are making a vision and want to know from the community what you think a perfect school is.

   A few ideas that you might want to add in your letter are:

Samantha Garrison