Northwest NEWS

May 17, 1999


Varsity and JV WHS Cheer Squads win awards at state competition

WHS Cheer #1

Varsity Cheer Squad. Front row, left to right: Kelli Miller, Stephanie Eby, Leinani Garces, Becca Zagar, and Linda Whitney. Top row: Joanne Schmeichel, Kristin Singer, Jennie Mezich, Andy Gault, Jill Simpson, Leila Sayegh, and Laura Agnew.

WHS Cheer #2

Junior Varsity Cheer Squad. Front row, left to right: Kim Carlson, Autom Halazon, Kacy Knowles, and Mandy Dahl. Second row: Joy Yaholkovsky, Sarah McKellar, Chris Lorenz, and Nicole Brunelle.

   The Woodinville High School Varsity and Junior Varsity Cheer Squads attended the Northwest Cheerleading Competiton on March 20. The competition was held at Meany Hall at the University of Washington.

   The Varsity Squad won 1st in the Small Varsity Division. There were 11 teams in the division competing. The WHS Varsity also received a superior ribbon which is the top out of three ribbon categories, and was the only team in small varsity to receive a superior rating.

   "Our winning routine started with an intro dance with robot movements, followed by a chant with a basket toss where Leinani Garces was thrown into the air and caught. Then we moved into a new formation and did another dance. From there, we went into a cheer with Jennie Mezich and Stephanie Eby up into extensions. We ended the cheer in a different formation and then did one last dance that ended with a pyramid formation," said Laura Agnes.

   The Junior Varsity Cheer Squad placed 2nd in their divison, losing by only one point.

   "We started off with a dance which moved into two shoulder sits and an extension with Autumn Halazon as a flyer. She landed in a basket toss. Also in the routine, we did a cheer and an ending stunt," said Sarah McKellar.

   The teams were coached by Fernell Miller.