Northwest NEWS

May 24, 1999


Guest editorial

Remembering the reason for Memorial Day

Memorial DayMemorial Day is the day we remember and honor those who lost their lives fighting for our nation. The men and women we remember on Memorial Day demonstrated the highest form of faith in the triumph of good over evil.

Letters to the Editor

'Imagination is more important than knowledge'

classroom computersLet's put the computer in perspective: it's a tool, just like the pen or the book.

Bad pranks do not include bringing a gun to school

school violenceDo we really need legislation to determine that we need a mental evaluation for someone bringing a gun to school?

Hurrah for the Makah

environmental issuesI am appalled at the animal activists who consider the life of an animal to be as sacred as a human life. I am appalled at the media's coverage of this whale hunt.

It's an issue of global whale conservation; it all begins with just one whale

whale conservationI am outraged by the protection and special provisions our federal government and Coast Guard have provided to the Makah, so that they could kill a living creature that has every right to be left alone.

How is water quality improved by a boardwalk through a bog?

fairnessThe county budget should focus on fairness for county rural areas, as well as tightening spending.

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