Northwest NEWS

May 24, 1999

Local News

Upgrades proceed for 124th Ave. NE

by Marshall Haley, staff reporter

   Mayor Don Brocha and the Woodinville City Council gave the go-ahead to Public Works Director Mick Monken to begin executing a plan for road and sidewalk upgrades on 124th Ave. NE.

   The areas of main concern are the 124th NE intersections with NE 149th and NE 144th St. and at the Kingsgate Shopping Center. Those intersections will get sidewalks and left turn lanes, in an attempt to relieve evening rush-hour congestion which often backs up all the way to NE 160th St.

   The question of money was raised, because estimates have increased since the project's costs were estimated for this year's capital project budgeting. Speculation arose that only the sidewalks should be done this year, to stay within the budget.

   Brocha strenuously objected on behalf of Kingsgate residents, saying the problem was so bad, and the outcry has already been so great, that the council had to find a way to fund the upgrade.

   City Manager Pete Rose and Treasurer Jim Katica assured the council that the city had more than enough money available in emergency funds to finance the project. The council then unanimously agreed that the project should proceed.

   Councilmembers raised the possibility of coordinating the project with the City of Bothell, which is responsible for the west side of 124th NE. The council urged Monken to open negotiations with Bothell officials as soon as possible.