Northwest NEWS

May 24, 1999

Local News

Police Beat


   April 14: A Police Officer inside Kenmore Lanes observed a young man holding a glass of beer. When he saw the officer, the young man walked away and put the glass on the floor. When asked to produce ID, it showed his date of birth as 8-12-79. Man was cited for illegal possession and consumption of alcohol by a minor.

   April 22: Someone threw a baseball through the front living room window of a home in the 19300 block of 67th Ave. NE at 2:30 p.m.

   Also that day, at 5:30 p.m., a man in his 20s with brown hair, eyes, and goatee, wearing a blue jacket and a dark cap, purchased gum at Rite Aid in Kenmore. He then told the clerk, "This is a holdup--give me all the money in the drawer." The clerk told him there was no money in the till. Suspect left stating, "I'll be back with a gun so I can shoot you."

   April 26th: Someone stole 5 fire extinguishers at Kenmore Jr. High from the shop, music room, and cafeteria.