Northwest NEWS

May 24, 1999

Valley Special

Duvall City Council report

by Audrey Mintz, contributing writer

Skateboard park land requested

   DUVALL--At the May 13 City Council meeting, local youth requested land for a skateboard park from the city, specifying Taylor's Landing or the new ballfield under construction as good possibilities.

   "We have a plan designed, materials donated, and volunteers," said a local youth. "We just need the land." A skateboard workshop was recently held for the youths to plan their design of the skate park.

   Ron Chapman, who has been working with the local youth on the park, told the council that skateboarding is as important as baseball or football. "We owe it to our kids to provide recreational facilities," he said, asking the council to seriously consider the request.

Children's Services of Sno-Valley update

   It was noted at the meeting that Children's Services of Sno-Valley is offering assistance to any person in the Valley interested in starting childcare services.

   "We will provide training and information on how to set up a childcare business," said Tamara Franklin. This will include paying for fees, such as licensing and CPR training, determining changes needed in a home to satisfy requirements, and providing classes in the Valley, she said.

   Franklin stressed the need for new facilities, stating that current childcare facilities are at capacity. Sara Perry, coordinator of the Duvall center, said 30 people have volunteered there.

Safeway project moving forward

   Clearing and grubbing will begin immediately at the Safeway site, city engineer Elizabeth Goode told the council. "There are no more outstanding WSDOT issues," she said, noting that Safeway has submitted for full permits and will proceed with building upon their approval.

Wastewater treatment needs improvement

   The wastewater treatment plant will need to be improved due to the Department of Ecology's 1994 Total Maximum Daily Load Study, said Public Works Superintendent John Light.

   "Discharge is going to have to change," said Light. "For the months of August, September, and October, we cannot meet the criteria that are in place to ensure the health of the Snoqualmie River and to satisfy salmon requirements."

   Prior to the next council meeting, there will be a discussion on sewage capacity studies.