Northwest NEWS

May 24, 1999

Valley Special

Youths rescued on Tolt River

   Eastside Fire & Rescue's Swiftwater Team was called out at 8:30 p.m. on May 20 to rescue three teens on the east side of Tolt River at approximately the 7000 block of Tolt River Road.

   According to Josie Williams, Eastside Fire & Rescue information officer, apparently three teens had rigged a rope and boat and had ferried themselves across the Tolt River earlier that day, spending time building a campfire and recreating on family property.

   When it was time to come back across, a female teen ferried the boat partially across the water when the boat capsized. The teen managed to safely get back to where the other two teens were located, Williams said.

   After several hours of waiting, one teen decided to cross the river, using the rope as a guide. The teen went to a neighbor's home and from there they went to the Carnation Fire Station to report the incident.

   The Swiftwater Rescue Team was called out and rescuers swam across with ropes, flotation devices, and helmets to assist the teens. Each teen was guided across by a rescuer on a boogie board to the other side where additional fire department personnel were waiting to evaluate them. No injuries were reported.