Northwest NEWS

May 31, 1999


Applause for those who helped connect young people to their community

   As parents of a Woodinville High School student and band participant, we would like to thank all those involved for the successful Teen Battle of the Bands held on Friday evening, May 14th.

   Our appreciation goes to the Woodinville Parks & Recreation Department and Cindy Shelton, the Woodinville City Council, the security officers, the Northshore School District, Woodinville High School, the sponsors, the participants, and the audience.

   This event was important for two reasons: it allowed the teenagers in the bands an opportunity to show off their creativity, improve their showmanship, and gain in self-confidence. And it provided a sense of community for the kids, adults, businesses, and local government to experience.

   At a time in our society when our youth are facing so many challenges, let us support and applaud Woodinville's cooperative efforts to connect young people to their community by giving them a chance to perform. We look forward to other such events in the future.

Bob & Melissa Holmes, Woodinville