Northwest NEWS

May 31, 1999


Pipeline is not worth the risk to drinking water

   The Tolt Community Club held its annual meeting recently. We came to a unanimous conclusion. We oppose the Cross Cascades Pipeline proposal. There are many issues surrounding the pipeline, but one issue is overwhelming for us: clean water.

   Five of our members volunteered for over four years on a groundwater study in the Snoqualmie Valley. While all methods of transporting fuel have problems, we prefer methods with personal supervision at all times.

   The proposed pipeline could contaminate our water supply with fuel. If that happened, how would we clean fuel out of an underground water aquifer? And how long would it take to clean up the contamination so that the water is safe to drink? We found no satisfactory answer to the first question. The time estimates ranged up to hundreds and even thousands of years for the second question.

   Our conclusion is that a pipeline is not worth the risk to our drinking water.

Christi Norman, president, Tolt Community Club