Northwest NEWS

May 31, 1999


Hopefully, the Battle of the Bands will become an annual event

   As a longtime Woodinville resident and parent, I would like to extend my gratitude to those responsible for promoting and providing the recent Battle of the Bands.

   The youth of Woodinville have rarely had such an opportunity to enjoy themselves in such a large-scale constructive outlet. Many parents, as well as teenagers, attended the event.

   All of the bands were very good and should be proud of their performance no matter how they were rated. They did differ in stage theatrics and musical styles, and the judges had to pick some over others, but each band had their following and fans.

   A special thank you is due to the Woodinville Weekly for promoting the concert, plus the Parks & Recreation Department for organizing it, and to Vickie Puckett, the principal of Woodinville High School, for generously allowing the gymnasium to be used. It was the perfect site for such a well-organized evening's entertainment.

   Hopefully this will become an annual community event, and more things of this nature will happen for our children and their families in Woodinville.

John Shephard, Woodinville