Northwest NEWS

May 31, 1999


Teenage role models

school group

Fifth grade students from Woodin Elementary learned about high school and teenagers recently.

   On the 5th of May, my senior English class invited Mr. Moore's class of 25 fifth graders from Woodin Elementary to spend the afternoon with us. The children came to Woodinville High School just in time to have lunch.

   We talked with the kids over lunch about what clubs and activities each of the seniors was involved in. When lunch was over, we grouped up and toured the school. We visited the physical education classes, art rooms, computer rooms, and foreign language classes. We spent about fifteen minutes in each room, allowing the kids to get a feel for what goes on during school.

   After the tour, we went back to our classroom, where the kids asked questions about WHS. When the kids were finished asking questions, each senior shared some words of advice with the fifth graders: "Do your homework." "Get involved in different activities and clubs." "Don't ever do anything what would make you feel uncomfortable, in or out of school." The day ended with a group picture and good-byes to our new friends from Woodin Elementary.

   I am writing this letter because the community should be aware of the good things that teenagers are capable of doing. The reputation that teenagers have today is degrading and humiliating to those of us who do good things for others and ourselves.

   The seniors who took Mr. Moore's class around the high school were showing the next generation how most teenagers behave and what our interests are. I believe that most young children are influenced by what their older peers do. These fifth graders got a view of good teenage lives and hopefully they will want to achieve this in their own lives.

Elisa Anglin, WHS senior