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May 31, 1999


Letters to the Editor

Quick-fix laws do not make long-term sense

fireworksIn 1993, our City Council placed limitations on selling and using fireworks. This month they are considering a full ban. This ban would forbid the rights granted us by the state legislature.

It's time to stop pointing fingers

salmon preservationAs an environmental engineer, I recognize that there are no simplistic fixes to the regional tragedy of the impending salmon extinction. However, I am compelled to share ideas that would have a significant and cost-effective impact.

Treat others as you would like to be treated

respectAs I glance around this school, I notice one thing. The staff, as well as students, have little or no respect.

Applause for those who helped connect young people to their community

battle of the bandsAs parents of a Woodinville High School student and band participant, we would like to thank all those involved for the successful Teen Battle of the Bands held on Friday evening, May 14th.

Pipeline is not worth the risk to drinking water

pipelineThe Tolt Community Club held its annual meeting recently. We came to a unanimous conclusion. We oppose the Cross Cascades Pipeline proposal.

Hopefully, the Battle of the Bands will become an annual event

battle of the bandsAs a longtime Woodinville resident and parent, I would like to extend my gratitude to those responsible for promoting and providing the recent Battle of the Bands.

Tree regs a danger to affordable housing

affordable housingIt appears that affordable housing in Woodinville is more threatened by the new "Tree Retention and Replacement" requirements than by permit fees.

Teenage role models

role modelsI am writing this letter because the community should be aware of the good things that teenagers are capable of doing.

Effects of media violence

media violenceIn the last few months, there has been a record amount of student killings in schools around the nation. One of the causes of these massacres is said to be the media.

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