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May 31, 1999

Local News


Can we park here?


Photo by Mary Karr.

   This mother goose is teaching her youngsters about parking in handicapped zones. People who have temporary or permanent Handicapped Placards in their front windows or a license plate with the handicapped symbol are the only ones who have the legal and medical right to park in these zones. Many times the person in the car may not look handicapped, but really does have a serious heart condition or other ailment.

New Falcon girls basketball coach

   Alvin Horn will add head coaching duties for the Woodinville HS girls basketball team to his current job as the Falcon boys head tennis coach. Horn coached the boys sophomore basketball team during the 1995-96 season. Horn replaces two-year coach Carol Rost, who unexpectedly resigned for "personal reasons."

Legislature beefs up school safety again

   In addition to three bills passed last month, on May 19, the legislature voted to add $7 million to school safety and security measures. Sen. Rosemary McAuliffe, D-Bothell, Senate Education Committee chair, said continual threats of school violence since the regular session ended requires stepping up efforts to protect children. Schools may apply for grants from a four million dollar fund, either for alternative school start-up or for violence intervention and prevention. A separate $3 million fund is for hiring security guards or equipment.
   "This legislation gives schools more resources to prevent school violence at a time when they really need it," said McAuliffe. "While it could never address all of the complexities of youth violence and safety, it still gives schools some needed resources to start making changes that will better protect their children."